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Wider USA

Every Wider built for the USA market will be designed and built 100% USA compliant and each boat will be tested at the factory by Wider Yachts USA prior to shipping to our Florida location. We will follow the life of each boat from start to end of construction and every step of the construction will be documented to allow the after sales and warranty process to be easier for each owner. The electrical system will be a standard USA compliant 50 amp 60hz system and all onboard accessories will be ready for USA cruising. All warranties and documentation will be included and after sales support will be provided by Wider Yachts USA service technicians and our service support partners. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the construction and layout of each Wider and can provide assistance on customizing and options to meet your specific needs.


Power at low rates of consumption

Outstanding power and supreme control: the WIDER 42’ is a fusion of strength, cutting-edge technology and design excellence. Powered by twin 480hp Cummins (optional) engines, she is a lightweight yacht featuring breathtaking power and performance at low rates of consumption. Beneath the flowing lines of her lightweight carbon hull and deck, each and every part of WIDER 42' has been specially designed to create an exhilarating driving experience: fast and dynamic, but always in control, with a keen eye on the environment.



Beauty which expresses strength: the dynamic capability of the WIDER 42’ finds expression through the muscular elegance of her lines. Crafted from carbon-fibre, all surfaces have a specific function, giving an idea of the power, performance, functionality and speed of this yacht even before her engines are switched on. This has been achieved without compromising a specific quality that is integral to every Wider: beauty.



The WIDER 42’ is a yacht with a soul, created for the open sea. As well as guaranteeing an outstanding performance, she is also a sporty, luxurious day-cruiser – refined and comfortable, with cutting-edge technology and an excellent design. The combination of modern materials and traditional skills is an essential feature of Tilli Antonelli’s experience in the nautical sphere: an unparalleled fusion of power, ease of use, beauty and soul.



The WIDER 42’ was developed with the in-depth experience of Mark Wilson, one of the top experts in the world of racing yachts. This high-performance, lightweight model was built according to the very latest vacuum-infusion moulding (Scrimp System) techniques with carbon and vinylester resins, and other components in vacuum “pre-preg” carbon. The latter were produced by leading companies supplying Formula 1 teams and the aerospace industry. Her stunning performance is guaranteed by the perfect combination of a lightweight model, excellent weight distribution, stepped hull technology, an Arneson Drive and high performance Rolla propellers.

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